A Prelude to the Debut . . .

As I prepared the launch of Brain Brew, the most dreaded fear of any writer crept in – Writer’s Block ! Well really, it was the fear of the potential of writer’s block. The questions clouding my creativity were: Could I produce inspiration – daily? What if the well ran dry? What if the muse didn’t call? Should I have at least a month of pre-written posts so I don’t let my readers down? Then oddly, right in the midst of my cloud of confusion I was drawn to a website I always find inspiring – or maybe I should say I’m guided to when I need inspiration.

And there it was, a little story about how successful someone had become in the midst of chaos because they didn’t let what was going on around them prevent them from pursuing their dream.

So although doubt crept in before word got out about Brain Brew, I wipe my brow. I will not let the fear of writer’s block and pre-publication perfection stop me. I will humbly publish Brain Brew and know I will be guided to inspire.

Dare to be different – be you and go out and do what you’re afraid to do !

I am not the Creator – I’m just the pen!

Please direct all complaints to the muse 😉