Still a scrambled week – in all regards.

But for some reason this morning clarity hit like a lightening bolt.

I’ve allowed – every day this week – confusion to enter every fiber of my being . . . instantly.

Without exaggeration, every day this week within moments of being awake life became catastrophic – there was conversation, confusion, disorder, disaster, dilemma from one person or another. A total, immediate bombardment.

Now, I know me – and anyone else that knows me knows – I AM NOT a morning person. Period. I wake as if having been anesthetized. It takes me a while to come to – so just let me come to. I will be the first to admit there are days I am not a nice person in the morning. But cut me some slack, imagine how you’d feel if someone were trying to hold conversation and/or brain storming sessions with you the minute you began to come out of anesthesia. Probably not going to happen and probably a pretty frustrating feeling.

Well,  THAT’S me in the morning.

But what I realized this week  is I was allowing myself to be part of everything and everyone around me. Yes, sometimes it’s not easy to block it out because everyone is in the same physical vicinity as you and, well, you can’t just not hear what’s going on.

But it’s as if my soul, my spiritual DNA screamed back at me this morning, “I can’t and won’t take any more of this – do something.”

I got up, left the room and announced, “I’m checking out. I’ll be back when I wake up. I am not going to be part of all this confusion and chaos when the day is merely five minutes old.”

I took my coffee, myself and . . . went and woke up by myself very enjoyably. And what a pleasant person I was thereafter. And what an enormous difference it made – to me !

I choose my breakfast, choose my line of work, choose my friends, my food, my fun, my fashions. And after this week I’m reminded to . . .

Choose what you accept into your life & into your day – it makes all the difference in the world.