I’m back – at least I think so.

It’s been quite a week. I’d love to tell you about the wild vacation I’ve been on. Unfortunately, it’s been no vacation. It’s been . . .

the flu

And all I can say is OMG! if you’ve not had it, don’t bother trying to prepare yourself. You’ll question whether you’ll make it so don’t get discouraged. But supplies might include crackers, ginger ale, Advil, Excedrin and ice packs (for the most piercing headaches you’ll ever experience – and believe me, I’ve had migraines)

After you’ve stockpiled your supplies just know you are about to check a week off your life because every time you think you’re feeling better, the flu will remind you how wrong you are.

But I’m here to let you know two things:

It’s bad – the worst I’ve ever had and

You’ll get through it – I promise

(and I got it from someone who had a flu shot – who by the way had it worse than me – am I glad I opted out of the flu shot ! )

Hang in there and Have a Wonderful Day !