From Alabama coming out, joining Paisley and opening the evening to James Taylor warming your soul during the closing collaboration with the Zac Brown Band in “Colder Weather” and “Sweet Baby James”, the Academy of Country Music Awards last night was another evening of awesome entertainment.

The subliminal message inherent in the evening’s collaborations – it doesn’t matter the genre, gender or generation, “We All Bleed Red” and working together produces great results. We should remind ourselves of that as we travel through our day and lives.

Reba McEntire with Blake Shelton’s refreshing and humorous co-hosting; Brad Paisley with Alabama opening the evening; Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler “Walk This Way” and “Undo It” ; and Rihanna with Jennifer Nettles, the ACMs were on fire in Vegas.

The Most Moving – the special presentation benefiting the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center of Darius Rucker with the Vanderbilt Choir singing “Music from the Heart”. Watch it and weep with joy!

The Most Disappointing – the pairing of Eric Church with The Band Perry in the “new” category. While Church took home “Best New Solo Artist” and The Band Perry took home “Best New Vocal Group”, Church lost to Perry as they went head-to-head for “The Best New Artist of the Year Award.”

Eric Church – New Artist ? Pa-leeeeze!

I love The Band Perry and congratulate them on their success. They have wonderful charisma, vocals and harmonies – not to mention songs – but . . . THEY are NEW.

Eric Church is not.

In 2006 I placed Sinners, Church’s debut album in my CD player and hit replay. I still haven’t shut it off. Not only is Sinners the best album to come off Music Row in 2006, not only does Sinners debut Church’s master lyrical songwriting craftsmanship, production and whiskey soaked vocals, it’s 2006 – FIVE YEARS AGO.

THAT and Eric Church is not new. (Bet you can tell I’m a HUGE fan of Eric Church)

The Most Refreshing – the GAC TV hosted Red, White & Blue Carpet interviews highlighting country music, country artists and country causes rather than a fashion draped gossip runway – and I love fashion!

No matter where you were, who you were with, what you were doing or what your musical preferences are – last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards was a wonderful evening to snuggle up to. I don’t even think there were many “winner shockers. ” But definitely a good night and a huge shout out to Miranda Lambert.

Now remember, this is just “my opinion”. You have the right to yours. If you tuned in last night – share it in comments below. But my favorite of the evening was . . . “Colder Weather / Sweet Baby James” Zac Brown Band with James Taylor (unfortunately under CBS copyright – worth the watch if you can find a viewable copy).

But because you hung in here so long, for your enjoyment here’s two songs and artists that did and do damage . . . enjoy !

(If you can find the ACM performance of these – it’s worth the effort !)

Miranda Lambert – Heart Like Mine


Taylor Swift – Mean