My afternoon tea was accompanied by a light read of light words of encouragement.

Oddly – or maybe not if you know me – every single quote, phrase, anecdote or story I read conjured up a song title, verse or melody.

It was so consistent I decided to see how long I could keep it going. It didn’t and it doesn’t stop with me. Music inspires me so it’s no surprise that music would fill my head the moment I heard inspiring words.

Whether it’s a word, a phrase, a song, a story, there’s always two sides to what we hear, what we experience. And the side You Choose is the road map to Your Result. Indeed . . .

Every Rose has a Thorn ~ But . . . Every Thorn has a Rose


So I decided as I reflect on Holy Week (as a Catholic) to use this time of preparation to share with you the words of inspiration that I’ve found and the musical accompaniment that joined in. And hope that you’ll let the words, the music and the sacredness of this week remind you that . . .

When things seem as if they’re at their worst – don’t give up, look up – for as horrific as Christ’s crucifixion was . . . His Resurrection is Gloriously Never Ending – but I’ll bet that’s not what HE was thinking in those final moments.

Let it and HIM be an inspiration . . .

If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins


I’d love to hear about “your” inspiration ~ what inspires you to hold on when things seem at their worst? Does music inspire you at those times?

Share it in comments below . . .