If a song has Eric Church’s pen, voice and production on it, you KNOW it’s  good.

I am a HUGE fan of Eric Church. I’ve commented on him winning – um –  Best New Solo Artist ??? and I’ve made reference to his current song in a previous post.

But now Eric Church has taken his current single “Homeboy” to the Tennessee State Prison for filming – the site where in 2007 he filmed “Lightning” from Sinners Like Me – the best album to come off Music Row in 2006 and the debut of Church’s master lyrical songwriting craftsmanship, production and whiskey-soaked vocals.

That alone should tell you the Homeboy video promises to be powerful.

Church’s opinion – “the video is ‘really cool’ and not like anything he’s done in the past.”

Now, personally, I hate when people ruin a song or a movie or a book or even an article for me by telling me all about it and giving their opinion. I like to watch, look and listen and form my own. So . . .

That’s what I invite and urge you to do here, watch, look, listen and f-e-e-l this song, this video, this artist – form YOUR own opinion – then pass it along.


If you’re on Facebook you can watch Homeboy right now ! on Eric Church’s bandpage – which is always nice to give the artist a “visit”, a “like”, a “thumbs up”.

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Head over to the official Eric Church website to watch it there and fill yourself in and up with everything Eric Church – you’ll be glad you dropped in.


And please come back and share your thoughts of Eric Church with us here !