Do you tap into your daily horoscope somewhere and read what’s up for the day, the week, the month, for your . . . Sun sign – the Zodiac sign we traditionally know ourselves as?

I’ll bet you do with anticipation and regularity.

How cool !

But . . . do you know your Rising sign? your Moon? your Node? or even where in your chart your Sun sign sits?

Huh! my what? where?

This stuff is NOT at all difficult to learn or understand, especially the simple way Dr. Standley explains it.

Drop by her website and get to know her and yourself and have some real astrological fun because . . .

If you’re not aware of those astrological points you are depriving yourself of some seriously delicious astrological cuisine.

My moon is in Virgo in my 6th astrological house. The moon is in Virgo today . . . right now ! which is probably the reason I just said that the way I did. But I know that because I know my astrology chart.

They look something like this . . . they’re FREE – no membership required. Definitely get yours today !

It’s really fun. It’s really easy. And it’s always jam-packed with information over at Dr. Standley’s house. Drop in, get to know yourself and Dr. Standley. She’s the coolest thing since air conditioning !