As I logged onto life this morning I soon discovered someone that I’ve come to know in this lifetime did not. It immediately brought to my lips a prayer of gratitude for yet another day I get to be here on earth with my family and friends. Then it brought to mind the realization that although we don’t mean to, we’re often so busy living, working, running errands and, sadly, sometimes finding fault with people, things and situations that we may somewhat take for granted that being here is a gift not a right. But this isn’t a speech so I digress . . .

Upon hearing the news today of the sudden and unexpected passing of yet another acquaintance, I got a flashback of 2011. The year started with the news of my own father having a massive and unexpected stroke and proceeded along amidst the entanglement of daily duties to a year closing on my final good-bye to six people.

The reality of that flashback threw me back – right into my chair, the memory of all who I’ve said good-bye to this year and the preciousness of life. I sat in the stillness of my thoughts for quite a while. And it was there that words of wisdom and inspiration came to mind such as:

  • leave everyone you meet the way you would want to leave them if it were the last time you saw them – because one of those times will be the last time
  • treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight
  • never go to bed angry
  • live like you were dying
  • and the list goes on . . .

Then I looked around my thoughts to the emotional reality of so many people:

  • fear
  • anger
  • hatred
  • blame
  • degradation
  • condemnation
  • and unfortunately that list goes on also

It made me sad to think that there are people alive wasting their time being angry and/or placing blame – and yet there are people who have passed that would give anything to come back for one more moment and experience the gift of life and everyone in it.

As we prepare to ring out the old and ring in the new – year – let’s resolute to. . .

Love Life and Everyone in it

And remember to ask yourself this at different moments of your day, if you got a call that said “Hello ! It’s God Calling. Time to go.” would you be ready to say good-bye? Would you be content with how you’re leaving life and others behind?

Take a minute and think about that because one day you will be getting that call as did:

Uncle Butch


Mr. D


Grandpa Kiely


Randy Rideout – Rest in Peace

And to the Rideout family ~ may you find Peace !