I don’t know why I Love Them but I do. They’re such a simple little flower but they have great big power … well at least on me they do.

They make me smile.

They make me wanna roll around in a field of grass and soak up the earth.

They make me wanna laugh and skip and sing.

They just make me happy !
and I could use some extra happy right now ~ I’ve had a rough month

So I’m going to ring in the Spring of 2012 by surrounding myself with daisies and happiness. I think I’ll go buy myself a bouquet tomorrow. But for today I’m going to simply think of Happy Daisies and put a smile on my face, a two-step in my gait and a tickle in my heart.

Hope you have a wonderful spring, a wonderful day and a wonderful life !

And won’t you take a moment and share with me what makes you happy?



In fact, I have an idea ~ let’s celebrate spring and happiness together !

Let’s take a week and do something special for ourselves every day. It doesn’t have to be anything huge or expensive, just something to remind yourself that you matter.

And let’s meet back here and share what you did and how it made you feel.