Sarah-Darling-Little-Umbrellas-Song-Cover-708x708As a Brain Brew Blog reader you know how much I love music and how much music influences and inspires me. Well, my oh my, have I got an AWESOME song for you to check out.

Country music recording artist, Sarah Darling is kicking up the summer sand and the tropical breeze with an airy uptempo guaranteed to lure you into ordering up a round or two of frolicking in coconut oil, coconut rum and a carefree island attitude.

It’s a new mix of an old favorite perfectly delivered to lift your spirits and intoxicate your common sense. And the tasting party starts today.

“Who doesn’t love a little umbrella drink! It’s a song that makes you want to sway in the breeze, and immediately put your toes in the sand.”

Click the picture of Sarah below for all the toe-tapping details . . .