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Sarah-Darling-Little-Umbrellas-Song-Cover-708x708As a Brain Brew Blog reader you know how much I love music and how much music influences and inspires me. Well, my oh my, have I got an AWESOME song for you to check out.

Country music recording artist, Sarah Darling is kicking up the summer sand and the tropical breeze with an airy uptempo guaranteed to lure you into ordering up a round or two of frolicking in coconut oil, coconut rum and a carefree island attitude.

It’s a new mix of an old favorite perfectly delivered to lift your spirits and intoxicate your common sense. And the tasting party starts today.

“Who doesn’t love a little umbrella drink! It’s a song that makes you want to sway in the breeze, and immediately put your toes in the sand.”

Click the picture of Sarah below for all the toe-tapping details . . .


Just for Today . . .




Did you ever do something in life that you regret? Doesn’t have to be a HUGE regret, just anything that you mighta kinda went, dang! why did I do (or not do) that.

Ya, don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re not alone. It’s a packed club. Been there … done that.

Well, I have a songwriter friend who’s not only done that, not only admitted to being “the guy who’s been there”, but who’s also written an awesome song about it. He’s a singer / songwriter in his own right but his songs have also been picked up, covered and turned into hits by many well-known artists.

Now, as you know from reading this blog, I often write about music and my musical influences because to me music is a phenomenal healing art. So in keeping with that caveat, I’d like to share this artist with you. His personal Facebook page is packed to the gills so he’s started an Official Artist Page so anyone who wishes to can follow along with him.

Before you indulge in the enjoyment of this song, take a moment to visit my friend, Singer / Songwriter Bobby Pinson’s Official Artist Facebook Page and give the page a quick “like” because Bobby’s a phenomenal songwriter with stories you can connect with, vocals you’ll tune in to and lessons you’ll learn from . . . all in a song !

Don’t regret not making the move to and liking Bobby’s Pagedo it NOW because otherwise you will regret not tuning in to this awesome artist. Don’t ask me how I know . . .

Bobby Pinson – Don’t Ask Me How I Know

I truly believe you’ll enjoy making this choice !

Enjoy Bobby Pinson and –  “Don’t Ask Me How I Know”


As I was checking my emails and newsfeeds and other interesting tidbits today, I came upon the day’s mentation question in the Spiritual Progression Path teachings of my dear friend Dr. Loretta Standley.

Then the other thing I “happened upon” was a song. It’s just a natural occurrence with me. One of the ways that God speaks to me is through music. Sometimes I get the message right away. Other times it’s a bit of a mystery why “that song playing in my head” would relate to whatever question or concern was going on in my heart. But, I never dismiss it. I always try to figure out its message … because it’s always an answer.

So today, the good Dr. Loretta Standley shared this mentation question:

“Am I in such a hurry that I cannot ‘see’ what is gradually going on right before my eyes?”

That’s a pretty good question, my conscious brain thought upon reading it. Stopped me dead in my tracks to think. Seriously, I had to chuckle because I wake everyday, say “Good Morning God, so, what are we doing today?” Then I grab my coffee, my to do list and set out to ‘get er done’. And often wonder why “this” isn’t working or “that” isn’t working. Well, maybe God answered my question – oh, no maybe about it, I’m sure he did. When I ask, HE answers. But sometimes I’m just ‘so busy hurrying about’ that I do not ‘see’ that he put the answer as to “how” to ‘get er done’ or “what” to get done, right in front of me. Nope, I rush right past it with my busy blindsided knowledge and get … nowhere but frustrated.

Gosh, if I’d only listen, really listen. Not listen to what “I think” is the answer, but listen to what “he gave” as the answer.

So here I am just checking my “in boxes” and Dr. Standley’s mentation caught my attention :

“Am I in such a hurry that I cannot ‘see’ what is gradually going on right before my eyes?”

But what immediately followed – and I do mean immediately – like I wasn’t even finished reading the question when I had to turn away and listen to the “player in my head”. This music junkie was struggling a little bit, grasping for the title and artist. The words were there … or actually the melody sang out first.

I dashed over to YouTube, typed in the lyric in my head and Voila ! up came the melody that was playing in my head. I still haven’t quite figured out the answer of this musical riddle for today. But …

What did Dr. Standley’s mentation question stir up in your subconscious mind? Ah, don’t fight it. It did something.

And I’m up for suggestions because I’m still working on how this song relates to this mentation question for “me”. If you want to help me out here, feel free to leave it in the comments section.

Mentation Question:

“Am I in such a hurry that I cannot ‘see’ what is gradually going on right before my eyes?”

My Musical Mentor Answered:

And before we depart for today, let me share that before I finished up today’s writing another song was playing in my head. We got an “oldies” Jukebox running this morning. But what’s playing in my head now is . . .

“slow down, you move too fast // you gotta make the morning last // just kicking down the cobblestones // looking for fun and feeling groovy”

You can hear THAT song here.

But I think I’ve got it figured out. The Mighty One is telling me to stop and smell the roses – stop worrying, I gotcha covered. I’ll lead the “way”, you just have to “follow”. (I guess I was so busy trying to “do it myself” that I didn’t “see” HE had it all taken care of ) Well, time to turn down the Divine Jukebox and follow the Divine Light !


And um, I’m Just Wondering . . .did anybody notice the face in the clouds above “blowing” light down upon you ~ a fascinating picture I thought !

(be sure to check out that artist’s gallery here)


“How well am I able to meet people in their time of difficulty”

That was the Mentation Question posted today at the wonderful site of my dear friend Dr. Loretta Standley. As soon as I read it a tingle went across my body, a thought raced across my mind and a song played in my head.

~ ~ ~

Close your eyes, breathe gently and think about that Mentation Question for a moment.

~ ~ ~

So often when we hear of another’s moment of difficulty we lend judgment rather than support. I often wondered why. Is it that hearing of another’s moment of pain and struggle brings to the surface our own difficulties we’re trying to get through and perhaps have buried unresolved? Why is it when someone shares a misfortune in their life or thrashes out with a comment during a moment of pain, we respond subjectively rather than objectively?

~ ~ ~

There’s a lot to ponder in that question so let me post it here again . . .

“How well am I able to meet people in their time of difficulty”.

~ ~ ~

As soon as “I” read Dr. Standley’s Mentation Question for today what came to my mind was a very powerful song. I remember the first time I heard it my skin tingled, I stopped dead in my tracks and just said “Wow” !

To me, someone else’s difficulty isn’t about Me – it’s about Them. So the next time someone, anyone, shares their moment of difficulty with you, thrashes out with a verbal assault while in pain, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “How well am I able to meet this person in their time of difficulty.” And instead of making the moment about YOU and becoming a critical know-it-all, ask yourself “Can I make it better?” And then . . . 

“of the million things that ran through my mind, only one I could say …”

Listen here – and try saying this next time – quite powerful!

~ ~ ~

I found it quite moving that in this day and age it’s so much easier to share things with so many so quickly. Oftentimes, sadly, days like Veterans Day go unnoticed to some as nothing more than a day off and/or to catch up on things.

But with the infusion of social media it’s quite moving all the stories, memorials and honors being shared around the world.

Whether you are a veteran, know a veteran, have served, lost your life serving or are serving, today is a day for “us” to honor “you” and “your service” to this land we call FREE. Nothing’s free … and today we’re reminded of that by honoring all service men and women everywhere.

And sometimes things are quite impromptu and have lasting effects. The video below was a live concert encore. What happened was so moving the atmosphere became volcanic with applause. I never forgot it and I’d like to share it with you.

Take a moment to watch and think about “honoring” all our service people.




Toby Keith – American Soldier – Courtesy of the Red White and Blue
live September 17, 2011 in Boston !

Well a Happy Day Light Saving Time … is over … to you !!!

Hope you remembered to get up at 2 am and turn your clocks back so your sleep could be interrupted so that you could get an extra hour’s sleep – now that makes sense, doesn’t it??

Well, it’s Sunday, you’ve woken up to fall back into messin’ with your circadian rhythm. So, whether you :

  • remembered to turn your clock back before you went to bed
  • got up at 2:00 and tended to the task (seek counseling) or
  • totally forgot and arrived at the coffee shop before it opened …

Enjoy Your Day !

Kick back, relax and soak it all up because …

it’s Sunday and …

Keith Urban – I Never Work on a Sunday


and a big thank you for posting and allowing sharing of your videos to:

Be sure to check the channel out. It’s got some pretty cool stuff !!


I got this from a “friend” a couple of days ago on Facebook. Both the message and the video speak for themselves. Think about it … share it … and love life !


My curfew was lightning bugs. My parents didn’t call my cell, they yelled my name. I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn’t eat what mom cooked, then I didn’t eat. Sanitizer didn’t exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap. I road a bike without a helmet. Getting dirty was ok, and neighbors cared as much as your parents did. Copy, paste and share this link if you drank from a garden hose and survived. Heck, copy, paste and share this link even if you didn’t – then go out and enjoy life because everyday is a different day than the one before !


Bucky Covington – A Different World


There is something about storms that I find invigorating

There’s something about rain I feel invigorating

Dance in the rain … Dance in a storm

Dance to life !



For those who fight for this country

For those who’ve died for this country

We don’t take your mission lightly

We don’t forget what you’ve done

We don’t forget what you’ve lost


Thank you

God Bless You

Happy Memorial Day !


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