I realize that the feast of Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated everywhere in the world today. But here in the USA today is indeed a very significant day. People travel near and far to go home to be with loved ones, to be together, to be grateful for all they have ( and to watch lots of football )! In fact in the U.S. the Thanksgiving holiday is a more traveled holiday than Christmas. It is the biggest travel day of the year.

As I personally prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, I’d like to take a moment to give thanks to ALL OF YOU. Yes, you, dear reader of this post.

You see, I started this blog from an idea I had many, many years ago and also to learn WordPress software. You can read the story behind Brain Brew Blog if you wish but that’s not what really matters.

What matters is the fact that what was truly a passion of mine has brought readers, subscribers and joy to me and inspiration to you.

And I want to let each and every one of you know how grateful I am for your readership, for your subscribing to my blog, for your sharing of my blog, tweeting, reposting, pinning, etc.

I have readers all over the world that enjoy Brain Brew Blog and that inspires me as much as my blog has inspired you. So wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing, I would like to celebrate this holiday with you by just saying . . ..

  have a wonderful day



I decided today I would take a very serious moment to honor myself. Not in an egotistical way but in an extremely grateful way.

It seems lately as I tune in to both the daily news and my surroundings, there is one horror story after another, one struggle after another.

  • armed robberies
  • missing children
  • murdered children
  • natural disasters
  • personal struggles
  • addictions
  • accidents
  • unemployment
  • rage
  • violence
  • bullying
  • and the list goes on . . .

Now I have my to do list and I take my dreams, goals and purpose seriously. But when I take a look at what I have, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and personally and I then take a look at some of the struggles others are faced with, some quite horrific, but all just as important to the person experiencing the struggle, my list pales in comparison.

And while I don’t mean to dismiss my Personal To Do List of Goals as trivial, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and express gratitude for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, the good health and the Good Lord watching over everything I do.

It’s easy to take blessings for granted when they are thankfully the norm in your life. I don’t ever want to undermine my gratitude for all I have and for all that I’m able to do.

Thank you GOD. I take thee not for granted. I am seriously grateful for everything and just want to express that gratitude.


I found it quite moving that in this day and age it’s so much easier to share things with so many so quickly. Oftentimes, sadly, days like Veterans Day go unnoticed to some as nothing more than a day off and/or to catch up on things.

But with the infusion of social media it’s quite moving all the stories, memorials and honors being shared around the world.

Whether you are a veteran, know a veteran, have served, lost your life serving or are serving, today is a day for “us” to honor “you” and “your service” to this land we call FREE. Nothing’s free … and today we’re reminded of that by honoring all service men and women everywhere.

And sometimes things are quite impromptu and have lasting effects. The video below was a live concert encore. What happened was so moving the atmosphere became volcanic with applause. I never forgot it and I’d like to share it with you.

Take a moment to watch and think about “honoring” all our service people.




Toby Keith – American Soldier – Courtesy of the Red White and Blue
live September 17, 2011 in Boston !


While you’re icing down your Igloo and soaking up the sun this weekend, remember, our soldiers are doing otherwise so that you can enjoy the life you live. Don’t forget to remember to pay tribute to them this weekend – hell, pop-a-top in their honor !

Thank you – to ALL our military

Happy Memorial Day to Everyone !



The USS New York

– made from the steel of the fallen Twin Towers –

The senseless killing – the pain, the scars

We’ve never forgotten – you’re in our hearts.

To the victims ~ To the military ~ To the USA

God Bless & Thank You

I hesitated with what to write today. Then I thought about the storm before me here in Boston – a Nor’easter ! Then I thought about a storm in a young man’s life that phoned me at 4 a.m. today (yes, my door’s open 24/7/365). Then I logged in to blog my daily dose of inspiration and met up with a storm more devastating than the former two.

As I read along I could feel my heart race, my stomach churn and my temperature rise. Not out of anger or disdain – out of awe !

A similar article suggested:

“Imagine, a wall of water, up to 8 metres high (26 feet), coming out of nowhere, like an inland tsunami, stacking cars like toys in the main street, washing a house off its stumps, and creeks turning into raging torrents in ten minutes.

That water, an amount approximating the contents of Sydney Harbour, is on its way down the range, towards the capital city, Brisbane.”

75% under water is pretty deep. This Nor’easter blanketing my productivity today pales in comparison.

Australia – I have a personal love. I don’t know when it started or how – being from halfway around the world in Boston. It began in the early ’80s, expanded by the mid ’90s and exploded by 2005.

This land is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s said Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world. But what I find more beautiful than its land or its architect is – its people. Their respect, their appreciation, their resilience . . . humbles me.

“There’s a calm resilience too. Those people will need room for grief and anger. Most of them, though, when interviewed standing in the wreckage, talk about how life goes on.

Events like this flood not only show our stoicism, but create it. It’s important to Queenslanders, like all Australians, that we see ourselves as people who look adversity in the eye, stare it down and band together to overcome it.”

We all experience storms in our lives of varying degrees. Respectively, they all take their proper toll. But the sincere humility of Australians truly epitomizes my personal mantra . . .

If You’re Alive Enough to Complain

You Got Nothing to Complaint About !