I-Love-BostonBoston – it’s been an indescribable week. There’s no getting around that fact. The events that unfolded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013 were the beginning of a week of horror.

There’s no need to “recap” the events. I don’t think there’s a place on the planet that didn’t become aware of the going ons. Yes, indeed, the Boston Marathon Bombings had a “ripple” effect across the planet. It was a horrible ripple that actually built and built and built like a Tsunami wave – a Tsunami wave of humanity.

But let’s “recap” the effects:

  • The Boston Marathon Bombings sent a shock wave across a City, a State and the World
  • Runners and bystanders reached out immediately to assist injured victims
  • Businesses opened up their doors to take stranded, injured and terrified runners and visitors in
  • People opened up their homes to take stranded, injured and terrified runners and visitors in
  • Two Emerson college students created the “Boston Strong” logo and tee-shirt out of a need to feel as though they were doing something to help – a sincere gesture which has gone on to raise millions of dollars which the victims of the bombing will receive.
  • Support, prayers and donations came in in a variety of different ways
  • Prejudice was put down as man instantly became one entity realizing they needed each other to get through this

All in all, this horrific event brought to the forefront the magnitude of what can be accomplished when we join in and support each other, love each other and are simply there for each other in whatever way we can be, big or small. It all matters as was evidenced in this past week in Boston and around the world.

So let’s take one very strong lesson from this horrific tragedy.

Don’t let it end …

This song is one of my all time favorite songs ever. It is sure to send chills down your spine. It sums it up eloquently. Listen, heed and share!



P.S. Normally, the writer-researcher in me would have “linked” above to all the accounts mentioned. But that’s not what this article was about. The only thing I seek to do here is to share the “Power of Love” and how not letting it end is the answer!



valentines_day_comment_graphic_13“beheaded and then named a martyr by the Church because he gave up his life to perform the sacrament of marriage: for love of love and love of God.”


If nobody else, the card, candy, flower and jewelry industry love St. Valentine. Luckily for us, we won’t be “beheaded” for expressing our love. But as you venture out to buy that special something for that special someone, why not pay the man of sacrifice some loving tribute and read a little bit about how the holiday of (St.) Valentine’s Day came about . . .

And to those I love, here’s the song that I made my singing debut with … it’s a testament . . . it’s “For You” and “You” know who you are !

Happy Valentine’s Day to all . . .

Be sure to read some interesting facts about St. Valentine HERE ! and …

share in comments some of your Valentine’s Day memories, traditions, thoughts and feelings ! I’d LOVE to hear all about your feelings of this day of LOVE.

My “loving” tribute to those “I LOVE” !!!

All You Need Is Love  ~ The Beatles !


“What’s meant to be will rise above, find its way, never be lost …”

Thoughts of you crossed my mind. I couldn’t help but wonder where you are, how you’re really doing. Then I dreamed of huge doves flying all around.

And as I wonder where you are … this crossed my path …

and I thought I’d share it for whomever else might need this touching reminder . . .

Peace Love & God Bless


In keeping things light and airy as spring, I share with you a quote that made my heart flutter, my smile smirk, my eyes twinkle and me giggle…it’s playful, the way LOVE should be !

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

~ Anonymous ~


28 YEARS AGO I FELL IN LOVE. I was about 30 pounds over my weight yet vibrant. But a boy came into my life that would touch my heart, tick me off, make me laugh and make me cry. He was irresistible. It was love at first sight until . . .

THREE YEARS TO THE DAY  another boy came into my life. Once again, I was well over my weight but truly glowing. This one, too, had a twinkle in his eye and a crooked playful smile that made my heart flutter. Again, love at first sight.

How on earth would I decide?

I couldn’t.

So I loved them both and still do.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my two sons ~

~ to love a child, there’s just no love like it ~

~ click the heart for a message ~

May Your Cup Always Runneth Over

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Peace Compassion Love

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