‘Tis the season to turn back the clocks and mess with your natural circadian rhythm.

It’s no big deal, really … right?

I mean, just when you get yourself readjusted and reacclimated to the daylight saving time (so it gets dark at 4pm instead of 5pm…not a big saving in my book compared to what it’s costing my bio rhythms) but, just when you finish dealing with all that, hey it’s time to do it again … turn time forward and repeat this unnatural cycle.

I dunno who thought up this ridiculous man-made mess-up of time twice a year. I can’t imagine what purpose it could possibly serve. Is there something wrong with Divine Time? Hell, HE built the planet and all the earthlings – dontcha think he’da known if “Time” was off ! I mean, HE pulled off quite a feat creating all there is. I’m guessing time would be just fine left as HE planned.

Plus, the stupid act always takes place on a Sunday. Who the heck needs an extra hour sleep on a Sunday? The Lord’s Day! Hell, he said rest on that day anyway – and believe me, I oblige !

If man decided it was going to be a good idea to mess with Divine Time, he seriously messed up good (pun intended). He shoulda had the event taking place say, like, on a Monday !

But that’s just my opinion !

What do YOU think about Daylight Saving Time?