USA Military

As the sun begins to shine upon the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day weekend, let us not forget the darkness that fell upon others in order for this day to exist.

Take a moment to reflect on the freedom you have, what it cost and how it was achieved. Remember today but be grateful always.

To those who served . . . thank you.

To those who died . . . I’m so sorry but thank you for what you gave.

And to those who suffered the loss of a service person, I cannot imagine your feelings. I’m so sorry for your loss and hope somewhere, somehow you find peace of mind.

Happy Memorial Day to All . . .





For those who fight for this country

For those who’ve died for this country

We don’t take your mission lightly

We don’t forget what you’ve done

We don’t forget what you’ve lost


Thank you

God Bless You

Happy Memorial Day !



While you’re icing down your Igloo and soaking up the sun this weekend, remember, our soldiers are doing otherwise so that you can enjoy the life you live. Don’t forget to remember to pay tribute to them this weekend – hell, pop-a-top in their honor !

Thank you – to ALL our military

Happy Memorial Day to Everyone !



The USS New York

– made from the steel of the fallen Twin Towers –

The senseless killing – the pain, the scars

We’ve never forgotten – you’re in our hearts.

To the victims ~ To the military ~ To the USA

God Bless & Thank You