One image – many eyes.

It’s neither right nor wrong. It’s merely our perception.

As we go through life there are images all around us. But it’s our perception of what we see that effects us.

“It’s not what we look at, it’s what we see”

Whether it’s a word, a quote, a song, a book, a movie, “it” doesn’t change. “We” change “it” by how we perceive it. And we may perceive it differently each time we view it because we are never in the same mind set from one moment of our lives to another. We, too, change.

I love taking photographs – both random shots and consciously focused viewpoints.

And I love looking back at my portfolio and realizing that in some instances photos took on meaning separate than what my original photo-taking intention or perception was.

Some of my photographs I caption here at Brain Brew Blog. But I thought it would be fun to throw a few out to all of you to see the difference in everyone’s perception of the same image.

It’s neither right nor wrong – so, what’s your perception?




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You were put here to succeed. So . . .

When all else fails – and it will if you’re trying to be anything other than you –

Follow for Success . . . I would

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Well, here we are with the yearly tribute to Hallmark, the candy industry and the little cartoon creature running around in a funny little red suit with an arrow promising to lance your love interest and head them in your direction ~ oh, it’s all in the name of good fun ~ Cupid-with-Arrowand $$ if you’re a retailer!

Last year I posted a tribute to St. Valentine, the man this loving holiday is in honor of who was . . .

“beheaded and then named a martyr by the Church because he gave up his life to perform the sacrament of marriage: for love of love and love of God.”

The year before that I posted about being unable to choose between two loves and so I chose to love them both and discovered (not surprisingly) that there simply was no love like this kind of love.

This year I thought I would honor LOVE in another way – music. There’s all kinds of love and there’s all kinds of music. So let’s share with each other a favorite Love Song ~ whether that love is the love of a child, romantic love, a parent, a friend, whomever and whatever. Let’s put together a Love Song Track List for Valentine’s Day so everyone gets to fill their hearts and heads, their ears and their immediate surroundings with the sounds of Love.

If asked, I’m not sure I could choose a “favorite” love song. There’s certainly a myriad of musical melodies that touch that sentiment in so many ways. But today I’d like to share a more recent compilation by a phenomenal group that honors love. The lyric in this story is quite unique. I’m a word junkie and I think that’s why this one moved me so much. Then again, it could also be the gorgeous harmonies this group is known for. Whatever it is, it’s simply breathtaking and I share it here with you !

Happy Valentine’s Day

Enjoy . . .


Little Big Town – Sober

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