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Thank Who Matters!


As I was checking my emails and newsfeeds and other interesting tidbits today, I came upon the day’s mentation question in the Spiritual Progression Path teachings of my dear friend Dr. Loretta Standley.

Then the other thing I “happened upon” was a song. It’s just a natural occurrence with me. One of the ways that God speaks to me is through music. Sometimes I get the message right away. Other times it’s a bit of a mystery why “that song playing in my head” would relate to whatever question or concern was going on in my heart. But, I never dismiss it. I always try to figure out its message … because it’s always an answer.

So today, the good Dr. Loretta Standley shared this mentation question:

“Am I in such a hurry that I cannot ‘see’ what is gradually going on right before my eyes?”

That’s a pretty good question, my conscious brain thought upon reading it. Stopped me dead in my tracks to think. Seriously, I had to chuckle because I wake everyday, say “Good Morning God, so, what are we doing today?” Then I grab my coffee, my to do list and set out to ‘get er done’. And often wonder why “this” isn’t working or “that” isn’t working. Well, maybe God answered my question – oh, no maybe about it, I’m sure he did. When I ask, HE answers. But sometimes I’m just ‘so busy hurrying about’ that I do not ‘see’ that he put the answer as to “how” to ‘get er done’ or “what” to get done, right in front of me. Nope, I rush right past it with my busy blindsided knowledge and get … nowhere but frustrated.

Gosh, if I’d only listen, really listen. Not listen to what “I think” is the answer, but listen to what “he gave” as the answer.

So here I am just checking my “in boxes” and Dr. Standley’s mentation caught my attention :

“Am I in such a hurry that I cannot ‘see’ what is gradually going on right before my eyes?”

But what immediately followed – and I do mean immediately – like I wasn’t even finished reading the question when I had to turn away and listen to the “player in my head”. This music junkie was struggling a little bit, grasping for the title and artist. The words were there … or actually the melody sang out first.

I dashed over to YouTube, typed in the lyric in my head and Voila ! up came the melody that was playing in my head. I still haven’t quite figured out the answer of this musical riddle for today. But …

What did Dr. Standley’s mentation question stir up in your subconscious mind? Ah, don’t fight it. It did something.

And I’m up for suggestions because I’m still working on how this song relates to this mentation question for “me”. If you want to help me out here, feel free to leave it in the comments section.

Mentation Question:

“Am I in such a hurry that I cannot ‘see’ what is gradually going on right before my eyes?”

My Musical Mentor Answered:

And before we depart for today, let me share that before I finished up today’s writing another song was playing in my head. We got an “oldies” Jukebox running this morning. But what’s playing in my head now is . . .

“slow down, you move too fast // you gotta make the morning last // just kicking down the cobblestones // looking for fun and feeling groovy”

You can hear THAT song here.

But I think I’ve got it figured out. The Mighty One is telling me to stop and smell the roses – stop worrying, I gotcha covered. I’ll lead the “way”, you just have to “follow”. (I guess I was so busy trying to “do it myself” that I didn’t “see” HE had it all taken care of ) Well, time to turn down the Divine Jukebox and follow the Divine Light !


And um, I’m Just Wondering . . .did anybody notice the face in the clouds above “blowing” light down upon you ~ a fascinating picture I thought !

(be sure to check out that artist’s gallery here)


Sharing sentiments yesterday over the loss we all felt hearing the news of the passing of Steve Jobs, I stumbled upon a YouTube video. Actually, I “like” YouTube so they sent it to me.

In hindsight, I’m sure I quietly had a prayer (thought) rumbling around in my head. Somebody heard it. Was it Jobs? Perhaps… because he sure came through… YouTube.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so affected by such common sense Words of Wisdom. Well, actually, I’m going to give myself a little credit here … I think Jobs’ message resonated with me because its point is an arrow I’ve always followed.

Listen to the outstanding words from an outstanding man and let them churn in the gristmill of your mind. Then “hear” them when they rise to the occasion of your thoughts. Don’t dissect the inspiration – simply let it in. Because this is what happens …

Somewhere during your daily endeavors your heart will cry out for direction as mine did very early this morning. In the stillness of the early dawn I heard Jobs’ question: “Do you like where you are right now?” With immediacy a response arrived. “No.”

“Where you are right now” could be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, personal or professional … it’s a question hopefully we all have all day long about all the things in our lives.

I bolted upright at the sound of this quiet bugle call then heard “So what are you going to do?” (another question of inspiration I “heard” from the phenomenal gift-giving wisdom of Dr. Loretta Standley).

The concern was in my heart

The guidance was in Steve Jobs’ question

The choice was in Dr. Standley’s poignancy

The choice … all mine !

Ask and you shall receive … Listen and you shall hear … Follow and you shall arrive …

Doubt and you shall succumb …but to what ?

Do you tap into your daily horoscope somewhere and read what’s up for the day, the week, the month, for your . . . Sun sign – the Zodiac sign we traditionally know ourselves as?

I’ll bet you do with anticipation and regularity.

How cool !

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Huh! my what? where?

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My moon is in Virgo in my 6th astrological house. The moon is in Virgo today . . . right now ! which is probably the reason I just said that the way I did. But I know that because I know my astrology chart.

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Did you happen to catch the Full Moon last night – it’s said to be the biggest it’s been in 18 years – a Super Full Moon !

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Are you into astrology?


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Happy Full Moon !

Happy New Astrology New Year !

Happy You if you take the time to get to know yourself astrologically !