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You were put here to succeed. So . . .

When all else fails – and it will if you’re trying to be anything other than you –

Follow for Success . . . I would

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an outbreak & rapid spreading of appreciation

gratitudeIt’s well documented both scientifically and spiritually that what we think about we bring about. Energy vibrates and resonates with like energy attracting more of it to itself.

If we’re down on our luck we might tend to feast on that famine, which causes us to stay trapped in that draining energy. And try as we’d like to think or chant positivity, sometimes we simply can’t seem to fire up the feel-good fighters. 

Likewise – and for anyone that’s ever kept a gratitude journal – being, acknowledging and verbalizing gratitude yields some pretty powerful returns.

Now, this is a ginormous endeavor so I’m going to need your help for this one. Here’s what I propose we do:

Take a moment right now and write down (in comments below) something you’re grateful for today. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Big or small, let’s share it all.

The purpose is:

  • to have a place to express your gratitude
  • to realize through posting yours or reading others how very blessed we all are, and
  • to leave these empowered emotions in an easily accessible place for others to feast on when they need a boost

Anytime you feel the urge to read or write in the gratitude journal, simply click on “Gratitude Journal” under “Brain Breakdown” (which is categories here at Brain Brew Blog) and leave your peace at the bottom of any “Gratitude Journal” post of your choosing.

If you know someone who would benefit from or simply enjoy reading or writing in a gratitude journal, feel free to pass the URL along to them, share it on your socials or re-blog it at your blog.

Let’s put our energy to good use and create an epidemic of gratitude.


I’m so grateful that you’re joining me.

I look forward to reading all the things you’re grateful for so leave it all in comments . . .


Welcome to 2014

It’s never too late to say happy NEW anything

so while today marks the 13th day into the New Year,


And therefore, I can think of no better time than to share a photo from the tarot card deck of one of my favorite psychic mediums,



Be sure to click on the card for its meaning and a visit to John’s home!

And a Happy New Anything and Everything to you!

What are you working on making new for you in 2014?

Share in comments


Second Chances . . . do we learn from them or continue to get burned by them?

Choice is ours . . .


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The Happy Buddha (Chinese saint called Ho Tai)
Is known for bringing happiness and prosperity.
Laughing Buddha usually carries a bag full of gifts.
Laughing Buddha is the symbol for abundance and prosperity.
It is given as a gift to bring good fortune to households.







Just for Today . . .