There is something about storms that I find invigorating

There’s something about rain I feel invigorating

Dance in the rain … Dance in a storm

Dance to life !


Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to try something (new) but were afraid – afraid you wouldn’t succeed? afraid people would think you were crazy for thinking you could do such and such? afraid you’d look stupid? act stupid? sound stupid?

Anybody that’s answered no to those questions – sorry, I don’t believe you.

We’ve all been there in that place of I’d like to but who the hell am I to think I have the right to do such a thing

But think about it – we’re not here to please other people. YOU’RE not here to please other people. YOU are here to succeed at the path YOU have been chosen to accomplish. Others are here to assist you because they are on their path and, well, I’m sure they’re in need of assistance every now and then also.

So when you wake up some day and feel invigorated by the notion that oh, man I’d love to (whatever hits your fancy) – then just do it – be uniquely you. Who cares if you don’t do it right. Doing it right in my opinion means being YOU.

For example . . .

I’m not a big fan of cover songs. It’s just that sometimes when you like a song and you have it in your head the original way and it brings you back to a place and time in your life – well, I just don’t like that messed with – ya know what I mean  😦

But there are artists who have done an outstanding job of covering another artists songs – ah yes, indeed, they dared to be uniquely themselves – and so I would like to give them a heads up because like I say, I think it takes courage to cover someone else’s material. And when you do so and you rock it, well then, notice should be taken.

So for anyone who’s dared to


keep on rockin’ . . .


Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Miley Cyrus


And now to take you to one of my all time favorite songs – aside from music, I LOVE the ocean. I Love this song. And I Love the way he covered it.

Brandy – Kenny Chesney


We all have that someone in our lives who left an impression . . . a pain . . . a lasting desire perhaps . . . right ? !

Okay ! Lucky you if you don’t  – or – maybe not


Well anyway, right now I’m hunkered down on a dismal Saturday catching up on work because it’s 19 degrees here in Boston – and who’d wanna go out in that !

So tell me – what is it about temperatures that chilling that conjure up warm feelings, memories and thoughts that I’d much rather grab a bottle of Black Opal Cabernet Merlot (Australian) and be . . .

Somewhere With You – Kenny Chesney

Ahhh . . .

I Love – um –  Kenny Chesney almost as much as he loves Boston !