Her profile at West Medford Open Studios states “taking pictures has always been a hobby…first as a family photographer and then …”

T-H-A-T-S an understatement.

When Claire Ghiloni was born the doctor yelled “It’s a Kodak” ! and the slap heard ’round the ward was her shutter speed warming up. Ah ! it was definitely a Kodak moment that day. Her bottle had a lens at the bottom. Her pacifier was a roll of 35mm and her first word was Nikon.

Indeed Claire – like it or not – became the family photographer. It was more than a hobby, it was how she saw life.

The Dark Enlightenment

Claire was and is a photographer. I was a budding dabbler. I still dabble. And years ago Claire introduced me to black & white photography, developing and the dark room. We shot, developed, dipped and hung dry those photos. It was a dark enlightenment and I was hooked.

The Dawning of Digital

Life and time took us both and photography in different directions. The dawning of digital gave photography a new direction. I did not follow it as eagerly as Claire. I hung onto (and still use) my Cannon SLR (no “d” – just SLR).

Digital has its advantages and there are many. But as a photographer hobbyist, one thing I couldn’t get used to was digital’s lack of photographic warmth.


The Evolution of the Photographer

I was eager to see the evolution of the photographer and photography.

And I had the privilege of catching up with Claire and viewing her gallery yesterday as the West Medford Open Studios hosted its yearly art exhibit where Claire’s work, Fotographia di Vita (Photography of Life), was on display.

We chatted about the old days, the photo days, digital photography and the inspiration for her current work – Fotographia di Vita – Photography of Life.

An Overwhelming Analogy

But as we chatted, the most overwhelming analogy came over me – how different life can be if we look at it from a different angle.

I was totally captivated by a photograph Claire had on display of something so many of us walk past daily without a second thought. But when she saw it, she saw it with a different eye, a photographer’s eye, and it instantly became something more magnanimous than what it was.

I couldn’t leave without purchasing Infinity. The combination of color, clarity and serenity in this photograph captivated me. You could almost hear the crispness of the waves frolicking together.

And the demand for a Beacon Hill Street was so overwhelming Claire was taking orders – including mine. And again, while the view in this picture is a very common sight in Boston, through the eye, the lens and the perception of a photographer, it became something serenely beautiful.

A New Awakening

I left Claire’s exhibit yesterday with a new awakening and a new perception of digital photography. I thank her for both. I look forward to looking through life and my digital viewfinder from a different angle (okay, you don’t actually look through a digital viewfinder).

But think about it, what could your life become if you looked at it with the eye of a photographer.

Just for Fun ~ an Invitation

Let’s have some fun with this artistic revelation. I invite you to pick something that’s going on in your life and look at it from a different angle. Then share your experience in comments below. How did it change? What did you experience? Were you able to see something new, something more beautiful?

Life truly is the result of the perception with which you view it. I’m not saying it’s always easy. But I AM saying it’s ALWAYS the case. But if we try and look at it with a different perception perhaps we’ll struggle just a little less.

Be a photographer in your own life and enjoy seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

A thank you to Claire for cleaning my lens of life and adjusting my focus !




In Memory of my Uncle Butch laid to rest today . . .


Embrace each day and live it to the limit

Love life and everyone in it.

Enjoy each moment. Don’t let them pass.

Because one of these moments is no doubt your last


With Love and Fond Memories – thank you for everything !



I’m back – at least I think so.

It’s been quite a week. I’d love to tell you about the wild vacation I’ve been on. Unfortunately, it’s been no vacation. It’s been . . .

the flu

And all I can say is OMG! if you’ve not had it, don’t bother trying to prepare yourself. You’ll question whether you’ll make it so don’t get discouraged. But supplies might include crackers, ginger ale, Advil, Excedrin and ice packs (for the most piercing headaches you’ll ever experience – and believe me, I’ve had migraines)

After you’ve stockpiled your supplies just know you are about to check a week off your life because every time you think you’re feeling better, the flu will remind you how wrong you are.

But I’m here to let you know two things:

It’s bad – the worst I’ve ever had and

You’ll get through it – I promise

(and I got it from someone who had a flu shot – who by the way had it worse than me – am I glad I opted out of the flu shot ! )

Hang in there and Have a Wonderful Day !


While the Grammy’s, in essence, is an evening of recognition of multi talent, what it really is is the efforts and collaboration of everyone in that building to work together to create a three and a half hour non-prejudiced, emotion-filled presentation of art.

And I couldn’t help but think – isn’t that what life is . . .

supposed to be !

There was obviously anticipation as artists were recognized for their work – musically, vocally, instrumentally, lyrically, demonstratively.

There was collaboration and adoration – as multi-culture (genre) Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Florence Welch and Yolanda Adams came together beautifully and flawlessly and opened the evening with a tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  And as later in the evening Keith Urban, John Mayer and Norah Jones joined the microphone in a raw rendition of Jolene in honor of Dolly Parton.

There was an artistic re-emergence of Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand as he proudly honored her achievements in his introduction and then returning together at the evening’s end to present the anticipated Album of the Year Award.

There was love – sincere, heartfelt love (I sure could feel it) – not only from Blake Shelton’s introduction of fiance Miranda Lambert’s performance but in the profound statement of his standing ovation to her, her performance and his feelings. (Ah! it just gave me the shivers. Kudos Blake !)

There was surprise – at least I thought so – as Jaden Smith stole the spotlight in Justin Bieber’s performance as he popped up from the stage to rap his part of “Never Say Never”.

There was a well-delivered expectation of individuality as Lady Gaga arrived on the Red Carpet and to the stage in . . . an egg !

There was sincere appreciation as Lady Antebellum repeatedly accepted honors.

There was fear (if you saw Barbara Streisand whisper I was so nervous at the end of her Evergreen performance). Can you imagine after all these years, accolades and accomplishments, Barbara Streisand being nervous !

There was disappointment both to artists and fans, I’m sure, as obviously not everyone could go home with a Grammy.


I have an eye for detail and a different and sometimes odd way of comparing things. But as I sat enjoying moment after moment of multi talent, it hit me how similar the Grammy evening was – and is – to life . . . yours, mine, ours.

Anticipation, collaboration, adoration, honor, love, surprise, expectation, individuality, appreciation, fear and disappointment. All those emotions under one roof for one evening entertaining us, inspiring us, captivating us. We tuned in and chose to participate.

Yet in real life we struggle with those emotions daily

So . . . the next time you feel yourself struggling, stop and think for a moment. No matter how big or how small, you have done something to make a collaborative difference.


Life’s a stage ~ You’re the artist

Nominate (appreciate) yourself


Honor your Grammy moments (accomplishments) !


My favorite performance of the evening was the Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan “Medley”.


The diverse musical collaboration in that performance left me appreciative and speechless !

Unfortunately I could not find an uncopyrighted clip of it.  So please enjoy my second favorite performance.

Short – Sweet – Raw

This song gives me the shivers every time I hear it.

Norah Jones – John Mayer – Keith Urban honoring Dolly Parton with a tribute of Jolene ~ one of my favorite Dolly Parton songs.





We steal moments in time trying to be us

And spend a lifetime trying to steal moments


(c) Christine