Okay. I’m not real sure what this is about. But I truly follow my gut so – here goes !

Noticing the time of this post, you’ll see it’s well into the day. But I truly was a bit void as to what to write today. There was a very cheery sense all around me and I was just kinda skippity-doo-dah-ing through my own day.


Then I noticed a song stuck – and I mean stuck – in my head.


Okay. That’s not new to me either. I’ve shared how music inspires me, how I listen to it a lot for a lot of reasons and how I hear it in my head a lot in answer to a lot of questions.


But I had to stop and think for a moment – or I should say listen – really listen – for a moment to this song because it just wouldn’t leave my head. Without realizing it, I was singing it repeatedly. (I think it was one of the dogs rolling his eyes at the umpteenth hearing of it that clued me in !)


Well, it’s a beautiful song indeed – a beautiful way to let someone know they are on your mind. So I thought, umph, maybe that’s why this has been playing in my head all day. Maybe there’s someone out there I’m thinking of. Maybe there’s someone out there thinking of me. Maybe there’s someone out there reading this blog that needs a sign, a symbol that someone is thinking about them. Maybe it’s all of the above.


I dunno – but it’s something !


And personally speaking, all I know is I do tune in to my Musical Divine Guidance – which plays all the time in my head. I don’t try to decipher it. Usually all I need to do is listen to the song and then I will suddenly realize what the message is that’s being sent to me.


Soooo . . . from me to you – whoever you are 😉 – or from you to me –


Here Without You – 3 Doors Down


thinking of you  !