I decided today I would take a very serious moment to honor myself. Not in an egotistical way but in an extremely grateful way.

It seems lately as I tune in to both the daily news and my surroundings, there is one horror story after another, one struggle after another.

  • armed robberies
  • missing children
  • murdered children
  • natural disasters
  • personal struggles
  • addictions
  • accidents
  • unemployment
  • rage
  • violence
  • bullying
  • and the list goes on . . .

Now I have my to do list and I take my dreams, goals and purpose seriously. But when I take a look at what I have, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and personally and I then take a look at some of the struggles others are faced with, some quite horrific, but all just as important to the person experiencing the struggle, my list pales in comparison.

And while I don’t mean to dismiss my Personal To Do List of Goals as trivial, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and express gratitude for the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, the good health and the Good Lord watching over everything I do.

It’s easy to take blessings for granted when they are thankfully the norm in your life. I don’t ever want to undermine my gratitude for all I have and for all that I’m able to do.

Thank you GOD. I take thee not for granted. I am seriously grateful for everything and just want to express that gratitude.


As the sun begins to shine upon the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day weekend, let us not forget the darkness that fell upon others in order for this day to exist.

Take a moment to reflect on the freedom you have, what it cost and how it was achieved. Remember today but be grateful always.

To those who served . . . thank you.

To those who died . . . I’m so sorry but thank you for what you gave.

And to those who suffered the loss of a service person, I cannot imagine your feelings. I’m so sorry for your loss and hope somewhere, somehow you find peace of mind.

Happy Memorial Day to All . . .




The USS New York

– made from the steel of the fallen Twin Towers –

The senseless killing – the pain, the scars

We’ve never forgotten – you’re in our hearts.

To the victims ~ To the military ~ To the USA

God Bless & Thank You

I remember years ago when my sons were small, a neighbor’s children coming over to play. This was a pretty frequent occurrence as we both had two children and they were all of the same ages. And more often than not, we adults would enjoy the pleasure of adult conversation while the kids tended to their toddler affairs.

But there was this one day when only the children came to play. My neighbor decided she would take the time to catch up on her to-do list. I chuckled in agreement, only too happy to contribute to her day’s inspiration.

When I brought the kids back to her house a few hours later I asked – expecting an air of accomplishment to deliver her response – “so, how’d it go? Did you get everything done?”

She smiled, giggled, kinda half-cocked her head and said, “I changed my plans. I sat down and actually read the paper – I mean read the paper for the first time in a long time.” (For those of you without the pleasure of children, reading the newspaper usually consists of scanning)

She was in such a state of emotional euphoria I knew it was not because of the knowledge she gained reading the newspaper but from the moment in time she took to just be.


It’s presently mid-afternoon where I am. There’s plenty of time left in the day to accomplish a few more things on my to-do list. The dogs are sleeping, the house is empty, the confusion has settled. Then suddenly out of nowhere . . .

I could hear the silence.

I stopped to listen. I hadn’t heard silence in a long time. Not at this volume.

I decided to forego the to-do list and just listen, breath, enjoy and be !

As I sat there listening to this moment in time I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it is during such unexpected moments to . . .

Let the moment fill you  rather than you fill the moment !



You know, some things in life are simply meant to enjoy

Here are a few simple but powerful things I enjoy


Country Music


Black & White photography

Chris Hicky – video director


Put them all together and you’ve got

words by a country artist –  raw – like the black and white photography enhancing them in a video directed by Chris Hicky.

Life is cool . . . Music is awesome . . .



Jerrod Niemann – What Do You Want



And for all you music lovers out there, don’t let your enjoyment stop there. Tune in to the Grammy’s tomorrow night.

Here’s one of my favorite nominations. See for yourself why this song by this artist was nominated for

Best Male Country Vocal Performance


‘Til Summer Comes Around – Keith Urban


Enjoy your life

Enjoy your day

Enjoy music