Good Morning. Good Day. Good evening. Whatever time it is wherever you are, hello. Welcome to the launch of Brain Brew – the all natural way to start your day.

Culminated with the purest intentions, Brain Brew is wholesome, organic stimulation for the think tank. No additives, preservatives or artificial promises. An all natural, environmentally friendly muscle juice, Brain Brew is guaranteed to get the noggin joggin!

Side effects may include unfamiliar sensations of inspiration and happiness. Elevated heart rate may be indicative of suddenly feeling alive. (No need to consult your physician.)

CAUTION – Long term use may induce laughter, an increase in endorphins and a natural state of euphoria. It’s a high the government can’t ban. Enjoy it while you can!

And always . . .

Dare to be different

Enjoy your day – Live your life – Leave ’em wonderin’