There’s nothing I find more inspiring than stories about people overcoming adversity. They don’t have to succeed to magnanimous heights, just a personal self- realization that where they were/are in their lives just isn’t resonating with where they thought they’d be and they’d like to do something about it.

It’s also one of the things I like about country music. There’s always an underlying story between the lines of lyric – you just have to find it and apply it to your life – or give credit to those that applied it to theirs.

Now, we all fall down – and I’m not saying this guy’s right, wrong or somewhere in between. I am saying, I’m impressed – simply with the fact that he knew he had to change and did when it seemed all he had to look forward to was aspiring to rock bottom.

It’s also why I like memoirs and biographies.

My First Million is interesting enough but I’ll definitely be reading this biography !