I found it quite moving that in this day and age it’s so much easier to share things with so many so quickly. Oftentimes, sadly, days like Veterans Day go unnoticed to some as nothing more than a day off and/or to catch up on things.

But with the infusion of social media it’s quite moving all the stories, memorials and honors being shared around the world.

Whether you are a veteran, know a veteran, have served, lost your life serving or are serving, today is a day for “us” to honor “you” and “your service” to this land we call FREE. Nothing’s free … and today we’re reminded of that by honoring all service men and women everywhere.

And sometimes things are quite impromptu and have lasting effects. The video below was a live concert encore. What happened was so moving the atmosphere became volcanic with applause. I never forgot it and I’d like to share it with you.

Take a moment to watch and think about “honoring” all our service people.




Toby Keith – American Soldier – Courtesy of the Red White and Blue
live September 17, 2011 in Boston !