Well a Happy Day Light Saving Time … is over … to you !!!

Hope you remembered to get up at 2 am and turn your clocks back so your sleep could be interrupted so that you could get an extra hour’s sleep – now that makes sense, doesn’t it??

Well, it’s Sunday, you’ve woken up to fall back into messin’ with your circadian rhythm. So, whether you :

  • remembered to turn your clock back before you went to bed
  • got up at 2:00 and tended to the task (seek counseling) or
  • totally forgot and arrived at the coffee shop before it opened …

Enjoy Your Day !

Kick back, relax and soak it all up because …

it’s Sunday and …

Keith Urban – I Never Work on a Sunday


and a big thank you for posting and allowing sharing of your videos to:


Be sure to check the channel out. It’s got some pretty cool stuff !!


Well Hello and Happy Sunday !

Remember a post of few ago I talked about how I hadn’t planned on posting on Sundays – but because I entered the post-a-day-2011 challenge that I would indeed post on Sundays.

Well, I had a whole lot of Sunday stuff to share today. Then plans changed big time . . . it seems the Mighty One had another plan for my Sunday. (Well, it is HIS day . . . )

But I’m a stickler. I hate when people mess with my plans. I truly was going to try and do my Sunday thing and share my Sunday thing with you. But no matter how I tried, I was deluged with more issues at my door.

Then I got an email. And it asked “Do You Believe Things Happen for a Reason?”

You’re kidding, right?

Talk about feeling like the Mighty One is speaking directly to you.

I absolutely stand in the belief that things happen for a reason.

So with that line of thought and an email from the Mighty One – who by the way has intervened in my emails before in some very strange and magnanimous ways – so I absolutely DON’T interfere when HE calls – I will accept that things happen for a reason. I don’t always know the reason but I accept it.

With that, I’m signing off with a wish that you have a Wonderful Sunday – whether it’s raining on Sunday, snowing on Sunday, freezing on Sunday, blistering hot or blissfully cool – enjoy your Sunday and remember . . .

Don’t bother always trying to figure things out – just accept !

And enjoy your day when it goes a muck !



Keith Urban – Some Days You Gotta Dance