You know, some things in life are simply meant to enjoy

Here are a few simple but powerful things I enjoy


Country Music


Black & White photography

Chris Hicky – video director


Put them all together and you’ve got

words by a country artist –Β  raw – like the black and white photography enhancing them in a video directed by Chris Hicky.

Life is cool . . . Music is awesome . . .



Jerrod Niemann – What Do You Want



And for all you music lovers out there, don’t let your enjoyment stop there. Tune in to the Grammy’s tomorrow night.

Here’s one of my favorite nominations. See for yourself why this song by this artist was nominated for

Best Male Country Vocal Performance


‘Til Summer Comes Around – Keith Urban


Enjoy your life

Enjoy your day

Enjoy music




Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen

The most phenomenal book I’ve ever read.

Three Magic Words came to me a few years back in answer to a prayer.Β  It is dog-eared, well worn and well read. I’ve given it as gifts, recommended it to many and wrote a review of it on the Barnes & Noble website.

Each time I read it – and I’ve read it countless times – I gain something new. The theory embodied in its pages is by no means new to me . But the simplicity with which it’s told . . .

Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

My closing three little words for the week are . . .

Three Magic Words

I dare you not to read it. Then I dare you not to believe it.

Remember words have power. We’ve been sharing it all week. Once you come to understand the totality of the three magic words in this writing it will change your life forever. And it will only take the simplicity of . . .

Three Magic Words




For your listening pleasure. I leave you with one of my favorite songs of all times. It speaks for itself so I’ll say no more. It needs no intro – but please listen to it until the outro because it’s . . .


More Than Words – Extreme





Have you ever heard the phrase “Go ahead, make my day!”



Well, today, let’s take that infamous phrase to a whole new level.


Remembering everything that we’ve shared about the Power of Words, make a conscious attempt today to make someone’s day and watch the atmosphere change. It is pretty powerful.

As you meander through your day, smile at someone, hold a door, comment on the weather, their clothes, their hair, your understanding of their frustration. Simply acknowledge the person exists in a friendly, understanding way and – believe me – you will make a positive change in their atmosphere and in yours.

And pleeeze – drop back in here and share your responses.


Word Games . . . like Scrabble, crossword puzzles and word searches are challenging, fun and enriching.

Word Games . . . like lies, appeasing comments and outright deception are frightening, dangerous and damaging.

Words . . .

They leave a mark, a bruise, an impression . . .

They can make us, they can break us . . .

They can be enriching, they can be damaging . . .


Hopefully by now we are coming to a clear understanding of the Power of WordsΒ  and take caution in their use.Β  So . . .

Let’s Play a Word Game – a healthy, three word Word Game to emphasize

the Power of Words


I Love You . . . will elate us

I Hate You (or even I dislike you) . . . will deflate us


The Word Game:

Write down as many three word phrases as you can think of that elate and then write down as many three word phrase as you can think of that deflate.

Then just look at them and see if you don’t feel their energy – you may have even felt it when you wrote them down.

Then just for a minute think about how you would feel if you were the recipient of those three little words.

Hopefully this will help you understand the power of words, spoken, written, read – and will help you choose yours with utter care because . . .

Words are Powerful – Word Games are Fun !

Choose and Play with Care because . . .

you cannot take them back.



Words . . .

When spoken from the heart they elate us. When spoken with integrity they strengthen us. When spoken from the soul they define us.

Words . . .

When spoken without thought they’re reckless. When spoken with deceit they mislead us. When spoken out of fear they destroy us.


Words . . .

They can make us – They can break us