Divine Guidance comes in a variety of voices.

Playing in my head for weeks . . .

For me? For you?

Here it is . . .

Sara Bareilles – “Brave”

I-Love-BostonBoston – it’s been an indescribable week. There’s no getting around that fact. The events that unfolded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013 were the beginning of a week of horror.

There’s no need to “recap” the events. I don’t think there’s a place on the planet that didn’t become aware of the going ons. Yes, indeed, the Boston Marathon Bombings had a “ripple” effect across the planet. It was a horrible ripple that actually built and built and built like a Tsunami wave – a Tsunami wave of humanity.

But let’s “recap” the effects:

  • The Boston Marathon Bombings sent a shock wave across a City, a State and the World
  • Runners and bystanders reached out immediately to assist injured victims
  • Businesses opened up their doors to take stranded, injured and terrified runners and visitors in
  • People opened up their homes to take stranded, injured and terrified runners and visitors in
  • Two Emerson college students created the “Boston Strong” logo and tee-shirt out of a need to feel as though they were doing something to help – a sincere gesture which has gone on to raise millions of dollars which the victims of the bombing will receive.
  • Support, prayers and donations came in in a variety of different ways
  • Prejudice was put down as man instantly became one entity realizing they needed each other to get through this

All in all, this horrific event brought to the forefront the magnitude of what can be accomplished when we join in and support each other, love each other and are simply there for each other in whatever way we can be, big or small. It all matters as was evidenced in this past week in Boston and around the world.

So let’s take one very strong lesson from this horrific tragedy.

Don’t let it end …

This song is one of my all time favorite songs ever. It is sure to send chills down your spine. It sums it up eloquently. Listen, heed and share!



P.S. Normally, the writer-researcher in me would have “linked” above to all the accounts mentioned. But that’s not what this article was about. The only thing I seek to do here is to share the “Power of Love” and how not letting it end is the answer!



valentines_day_comment_graphic_13“beheaded and then named a martyr by the Church because he gave up his life to perform the sacrament of marriage: for love of love and love of God.”


If nobody else, the card, candy, flower and jewelry industry love St. Valentine. Luckily for us, we won’t be “beheaded” for expressing our love. But as you venture out to buy that special something for that special someone, why not pay the man of sacrifice some loving tribute and read a little bit about how the holiday of (St.) Valentine’s Day came about . . .

And to those I love, here’s the song that I made my singing debut with … it’s a testament . . . it’s “For You” and “You” know who you are !

Happy Valentine’s Day to all . . .

Be sure to read some interesting facts about St. Valentine HERE ! and …

share in comments some of your Valentine’s Day memories, traditions, thoughts and feelings ! I’d LOVE to hear all about your feelings of this day of LOVE.

My “loving” tribute to those “I LOVE” !!!

All You Need Is LoveΒ  ~ The Beatles !


“You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.”

~ Barbara Streisand ~


Don’t Rain on My Parade – Barbara Streisand

(the video and the artist speak for themselves – my favorite song, favorite video and idol)

Ever hear the expression “Aww, it’s too late. I can’t do …”

Well, I’m just not a real strong proponent of that comment. I mean, ya, if you want a chocolate chip cookie and there’s none left, well then, it’s too late. You can’t have one.

But I think that expression is meant in a far less “literal” sense. And so THAT’S what I just don’t buy into. It’s never too late to be, to do, to try… to say I’m sorry, I love you, I appreciate you. If you’re here … then it’s just never too late.

~ ~ ~

At the beginning of the year I came upon a video that was “shared” from one person to another and eventually made its way to me. Now, I don’t want to tell you what it is, that would ruin the surprise, diminish the intrigue. What I will say is I’ve been wanting to share it here with you but my day, my life, my schedule constantly seemed to be like a runaway train . . . and I’m finally catching up.

So . . . here it is . . . a beautifully inspiring video. Inspiring not just for the music, the vocals, the instrumentation; not just for the imagery, the phrases or the serenity it invokes; but inspirational also for its message . . . so simple, so profound, so true.

Please enjoy this beautiful video by Angel Love. “Share” it with your friends. Employ it in your life. And then . . .

Go find something you wanted to do that you thought it was to late to do and

Just Do It

because . . .

It’s Never Too Late !


Well a Happy Day Light Saving Time … is over … to you !!!

Hope you remembered to get up at 2 am and turn your clocks back so your sleep could be interrupted so that you could get an extra hour’s sleep – now that makes sense, doesn’t it??

Well, it’s Sunday, you’ve woken up to fall back into messin’ with your circadian rhythm. So, whether you :

  • remembered to turn your clock back before you went to bed
  • got up at 2:00 and tended to the task (seek counseling) or
  • totally forgot and arrived at the coffee shop before it opened …

Enjoy Your Day !

Kick back, relax and soak it all up because …

it’s Sunday and …

Keith Urban – I Never Work on a Sunday


and a big thank you for posting and allowing sharing of your videos to:


Be sure to check the channel out. It’s got some pretty cool stuff !!



I’m going to double post today ~ simply because a reply to an earlier post inspired me and reminded me that many times we walk through our days, our lives, our troubles looking around feeling as if everyone else is intact and doing well. And ~ well, sometimes that just makes us harder on ourselves as we think “how can everyone’s life be going well and I’m a mess.”

Let this song be an inspiration during those times ~ because you never know what’s behind that smile . . .

Tears of a Clown ~ Smokey Robinson & The Miracles


From Alabama coming out, joining Paisley and opening the evening to James Taylor warming your soul during the closing collaboration with the Zac Brown Band in “Colder Weather” and “Sweet Baby James”, the Academy of Country Music Awards last night was another evening of awesome entertainment.

The subliminal message inherent in the evening’s collaborations – it doesn’t matter the genre, gender or generation, “We All Bleed Red” and working together produces great results. We should remind ourselves of that as we travel through our day and lives.

Reba McEntire with Blake Shelton’s refreshing and humorous co-hosting; Brad Paisley with Alabama opening the evening; Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler “Walk This Way” and “Undo It” ; and Rihanna with Jennifer Nettles, the ACMs were on fire in Vegas.

The Most Moving – the special presentation benefiting the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center of Darius Rucker with the Vanderbilt Choir singing “Music from the Heart”. Watch it and weep with joy!

The Most Disappointing – the pairing of Eric Church with The Band Perry in the “new” category. While Church took home “Best New Solo Artist” and The Band Perry took home “Best New Vocal Group”, Church lost to Perry as they went head-to-head for “The Best New Artist of the Year Award.”

Eric Church – New Artist ? Pa-leeeeze!

I love The Band Perry and congratulate them on their success. They have wonderful charisma, vocals and harmonies – not to mention songs – but . . . THEY are NEW.

Eric Church is not.

In 2006 I placed Sinners, Church’s debut album in my CD player and hit replay. I still haven’t shut it off. Not only is Sinners the best album to come off Music Row in 2006, not only does Sinners debut Church’s master lyrical songwriting craftsmanship, production and whiskey soaked vocals, it’s 2006 – FIVE YEARS AGO.

THAT and Eric Church is not new. (Bet you can tell I’m a HUGE fan of Eric Church)

The Most Refreshing – the GAC TV hosted Red, White & Blue Carpet interviews highlighting country music, country artists and country causes rather than a fashion draped gossip runway – and I love fashion!

No matter where you were, who you were with, what you were doing or what your musical preferences are – last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards was a wonderful evening to snuggle up to. I don’t even think there were many “winner shockers. ” But definitely a good night and a huge shout out to Miranda Lambert.

Now remember, this is just “my opinion”. You have the right to yours. If you tuned in last night – share it in comments below. But my favorite of the evening was . . . “Colder Weather / Sweet Baby James” Zac Brown Band with James Taylor (unfortunately under CBS copyright – worth the watch if you can find a viewable copy).

But because you hung in here so long, for your enjoyment here’s two songs and artists that did and do damage . . . enjoy !

(If you can find the ACM performance of these – it’s worth the effort !)

Miranda Lambert – Heart Like Mine


Taylor Swift – Mean


Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to try something (new) but were afraid – afraid you wouldn’t succeed? afraid people would think you were crazy for thinking you could do such and such? afraid you’d look stupid? act stupid? sound stupid?

Anybody that’s answered no to those questions – sorry, I don’t believe you.

We’ve all been there in that place of I’d like to but who the hell am I to think I have the right to do such a thing

But think about it – we’re not here to please other people. YOU’RE not here to please other people. YOU are here to succeed at the path YOU have been chosen to accomplish. Others are here to assist you because they are on their path and, well, I’m sure they’re in need of assistance every now and then also.

So when you wake up some day and feel invigorated by the notion that oh, man I’d love to (whatever hits your fancy) – then just do it – be uniquely you. Who cares if you don’t do it right. Doing it right in my opinion means being YOU.

For example . . .

I’m not a big fan of cover songs. It’s just that sometimes when you like a song and you have it in your head the original way and it brings you back to a place and time in your life – well, I just don’t like that messed with – ya know what I meanΒ  😦

But there are artists who have done an outstanding job of covering another artists songs – ah yes, indeed, they dared to be uniquely themselves – and so I would like to give them a heads up because like I say, I think it takes courage to cover someone else’s material. And when you do so and you rock it, well then, notice should be taken.

So for anyone who’s dared to


keep on rockin’ . . .


Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Miley Cyrus


And now to take you to one of my all time favorite songs – aside from music, I LOVE the ocean. I Love this song. And I Love the way he covered it.

Brandy – Kenny Chesney


Okay. I’m not real sure what this is about. But I truly follow my gut so – here goes !

Noticing the time of this post, you’ll see it’s well into the day. But I truly was a bit void as to what to write today. There was a very cheery sense all around me and I was just kinda skippity-doo-dah-ing through my own day.


Then I noticed a song stuck – and I mean stuck – in my head.


Okay. That’s not new to me either. I’ve shared how music inspires me, how I listen to it a lot for a lot of reasons and how I hear it in my head a lot in answer to a lot of questions.


But I had to stop and think for a moment – or I should say listen – really listen – for a moment to this song because it just wouldn’t leave my head. Without realizing it, I was singing it repeatedly. (I think it was one of the dogs rolling his eyes at the umpteenth hearing of it that clued me in !)


Well, it’s a beautiful song indeed – a beautiful way to let someone know they are on your mind. So I thought, umph, maybe that’s why this has been playing in my head all day. Maybe there’s someone out there I’m thinking of. Maybe there’s someone out there thinking of me. Maybe there’s someone out there reading this blog that needs a sign, a symbol that someone is thinking about them. Maybe it’s all of the above.


I dunno – but it’s something !


And personally speaking, all I know is I do tune in to my Musical Divine Guidance – which plays all the time in my head. I don’t try to decipher it. Usually all I need to do is listen to the song and then I will suddenly realize what the message is that’s being sent to me.


Soooo . . . from me to you – whoever you are πŸ˜‰ – or from you to me –


Here Without You – 3 Doors Down


thinking of youΒ  !