I hesitated with what to write today. Then I thought about the storm before me here in Boston – a Nor’easter ! Then I thought about a storm in a young man’s life that phoned me at 4 a.m. today (yes, my door’s open 24/7/365). Then I logged in to blog my daily dose of inspiration and met up with a storm more devastating than the former two.

As I read along I could feel my heart race, my stomach churn and my temperature rise. Not out of anger or disdain – out of awe !

A similar article suggested:

“Imagine, a wall of water, up to 8 metres high (26 feet), coming out of nowhere, like an inland tsunami, stacking cars like toys in the main street, washing a house off its stumps, and creeks turning into raging torrents in ten minutes.

That water, an amount approximating the contents of Sydney Harbour, is on its way down the range, towards the capital city, Brisbane.”

75% under water is pretty deep. This Nor’easter blanketing my productivity today pales in comparison.

Australia – I have a personal love. I don’t know when it started or how – being from halfway around the world in Boston. It began in the early ’80s, expanded by the mid ’90s and exploded by 2005.

This land is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s said Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world. But what I find more beautiful than its land or its architect is – its people. Their respect, their appreciation, their resilience . . . humbles me.

“There’s a calm resilience too. Those people will need room for grief and anger. Most of them, though, when interviewed standing in the wreckage, talk about how life goes on.

Events like this flood not only show our stoicism, but create it. It’s important to Queenslanders, like all Australians, that we see ourselves as people who look adversity in the eye, stare it down and band together to overcome it.”

We all experience storms in our lives of varying degrees. Respectively, they all take their proper toll. But the sincere humility of Australians truly epitomizes my personal mantra . . .

If You’re Alive Enough to Complain

You Got Nothing to Complaint About !