I had the luxury of riding the T (train) into Boston a few days ago. Not a sport I participate in often but – hey, there I was. I picked a seat, snuggled in and –

Wow ! I could not believe what happened after that.

Obviously, little by little, stop by stop, passengers emerged – plugged in, logged on, tuned out.

Blankly scanning their vicinity they settled into their spot and their socializing.

But no one was communicating – not with anyone in their immediate vicinity, the seat beside them or across the aisle. Nope, it was quite apparent and paradoxically amusing that . . .

Lack of communication is a huge Social Networking Glitch !


That sounds like a contradiction, I know, so do your own experiment.

The next time you’re in a public setting, look around and take notice – smartphones, e-readers, laptops. People are talking, texting, tweeting – with everyone but the guy whose cologne, latte or body sweat is permeating their space.


But all is not lost. We have caught this before it becomes the social disorder of the century. Here’s what to do to make sure you don’t fall victim to this fast rising downfall


with the people around you. If nothing else, comment on their digital device, talk about yours, engage in conversation about how awesome it is in this social networking world to be able to communicate with a myriad of people in a myriad of ways in a nanosecond.

Text ’em, tweet ’em, friend ’em lata – but for heaven’s sake put socializing back into social networking !