Well a Happy Day Light Saving Time … is over … to you !!!

Hope you remembered to get up at 2 am and turn your clocks back so your sleep could be interrupted so that you could get an extra hour’s sleep – now that makes sense, doesn’t it??

Well, it’s Sunday, you’ve woken up to fall back into messin’ with your circadian rhythm. So, whether you :

  • remembered to turn your clock back before you went to bed
  • got up at 2:00 and tended to the task (seek counseling) or
  • totally forgot and arrived at the coffee shop before it opened …

Enjoy Your Day !

Kick back, relax and soak it all up because …

it’s Sunday and …

Keith Urban – I Never Work on a Sunday


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While the Grammy’s, in essence, is an evening of recognition of multi talent, what it really is is the efforts and collaboration of everyone in that building to work together to create a three and a half hour non-prejudiced, emotion-filled presentation of art.

And I couldn’t help but think – isn’t that what life is . . .

supposed to be !

There was obviously anticipation as artists were recognized for their work – musically, vocally, instrumentally, lyrically, demonstratively.

There was collaboration and adoration – as multi-culture (genre) Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride, Florence Welch and Yolanda Adams came together beautifully and flawlessly and opened the evening with a tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  And as later in the evening Keith Urban, John Mayer and Norah Jones joined the microphone in a raw rendition of Jolene in honor of Dolly Parton.

There was an artistic re-emergence of Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand as he proudly honored her achievements in his introduction and then returning together at the evening’s end to present the anticipated Album of the Year Award.

There was love – sincere, heartfelt love (I sure could feel it) – not only from Blake Shelton’s introduction of fiance Miranda Lambert’s performance but in the profound statement of his standing ovation to her, her performance and his feelings. (Ah! it just gave me the shivers. Kudos Blake !)

There was surprise – at least I thought so – as Jaden Smith stole the spotlight in Justin Bieber’s performance as he popped up from the stage to rap his part of “Never Say Never”.

There was a well-delivered expectation of individuality as Lady Gaga arrived on the Red Carpet and to the stage in . . . an egg !

There was sincere appreciation as Lady Antebellum repeatedly accepted honors.

There was fear (if you saw Barbara Streisand whisper I was so nervous at the end of her Evergreen performance). Can you imagine after all these years, accolades and accomplishments, Barbara Streisand being nervous !

There was disappointment both to artists and fans, I’m sure, as obviously not everyone could go home with a Grammy.


I have an eye for detail and a different and sometimes odd way of comparing things. But as I sat enjoying moment after moment of multi talent, it hit me how similar the Grammy evening was – and is – to life . . . yours, mine, ours.

Anticipation, collaboration, adoration, honor, love, surprise, expectation, individuality, appreciation, fear and disappointment. All those emotions under one roof for one evening entertaining us, inspiring us, captivating us. We tuned in and chose to participate.

Yet in real life we struggle with those emotions daily

So . . . the next time you feel yourself struggling, stop and think for a moment. No matter how big or how small, you have done something to make a collaborative difference.


Life’s a stage ~ You’re the artist

Nominate (appreciate) yourself


Honor your Grammy moments (accomplishments) !


My favorite performance of the evening was the Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan “Medley”.


The diverse musical collaboration in that performance left me appreciative and speechless !

Unfortunately I could not find an uncopyrighted clip of it.  So please enjoy my second favorite performance.

Short – Sweet – Raw

This song gives me the shivers every time I hear it.

Norah Jones – John Mayer – Keith Urban honoring Dolly Parton with a tribute of Jolene ~ one of my favorite Dolly Parton songs.


You know, some things in life are simply meant to enjoy

Here are a few simple but powerful things I enjoy


Country Music


Black & White photography

Chris Hicky – video director


Put them all together and you’ve got

words by a country artist –  raw – like the black and white photography enhancing them in a video directed by Chris Hicky.

Life is cool . . . Music is awesome . . .



Jerrod Niemann – What Do You Want



And for all you music lovers out there, don’t let your enjoyment stop there. Tune in to the Grammy’s tomorrow night.

Here’s one of my favorite nominations. See for yourself why this song by this artist was nominated for

Best Male Country Vocal Performance


‘Til Summer Comes Around – Keith Urban


Enjoy your life

Enjoy your day

Enjoy music


Well Hello and Happy Sunday !

Remember a post of few ago I talked about how I hadn’t planned on posting on Sundays – but because I entered the post-a-day-2011 challenge that I would indeed post on Sundays.

Well, I had a whole lot of Sunday stuff to share today. Then plans changed big time . . . it seems the Mighty One had another plan for my Sunday. (Well, it is HIS day . . . )

But I’m a stickler. I hate when people mess with my plans. I truly was going to try and do my Sunday thing and share my Sunday thing with you. But no matter how I tried, I was deluged with more issues at my door.

Then I got an email. And it asked “Do You Believe Things Happen for a Reason?”

You’re kidding, right?

Talk about feeling like the Mighty One is speaking directly to you.

I absolutely stand in the belief that things happen for a reason.

So with that line of thought and an email from the Mighty One – who by the way has intervened in my emails before in some very strange and magnanimous ways – so I absolutely DON’T interfere when HE calls – I will accept that things happen for a reason. I don’t always know the reason but I accept it.

With that, I’m signing off with a wish that you have a Wonderful Sunday – whether it’s raining on Sunday, snowing on Sunday, freezing on Sunday, blistering hot or blissfully cool – enjoy your Sunday and remember . . .

Don’t bother always trying to figure things out – just accept !

And enjoy your day when it goes a muck !



Keith Urban – Some Days You Gotta Dance


We’ve all been there at one point in our lives. You’re in the left lane of a four-lane highway, no meridian, not an exit for eons and suddenly you drive right into a traffic jam – gridlocked.

Panic sets in. You are not going to arrive at your destination on time or in the condition you had planned. The entire thing is going to have a domino effect on your day. Your Smartphone’s blinking low battery. Your dashboard’s blinking low fuel.

Suddenly your body tenses into a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel. You gasp, shriek and maybe even let out a colorful opinion and plea.

Then you succumb.

There – is – nothing – you – can – do – about – it !


Now, let’s take this one step further. Everyone that’s ever been gridlocked on their Highway of Life raise your right hand. Don’t be shy. There’s strength in the numbers. And I’ll bet if I had an aerial view of ‘thinkers’ right now, with all those hands in the air it would look like a rain forest had been resurrected.

So you’ve been there . . .


Now, if you can imagine a carefree, methodical perfectionist, that would be me. A paradox indeed. But that would also be me. Point being, I work hard to hit my mark – not miss.

But there I was yesterday, stuck on the highway of progress – personal, professional – whatever I attempted to accomplish, I encountered a roadblock, a dead end, a wrong turn, a detour.

Frustration set in like the fog – slow and steady. And we all know when you’re stuck in the fog you can’t see where you’re going or where you’ve been.

But, I live in the belief that everything happens for a reason. I can’t always see the reason when I’m surrounded by fog but I still know there’s a reason.

In hindsight, maybe that’s what this fogged-up day was for. Maybe Someone was trying to tell me there was a traffic jam in my head, my thoughts, my creativity – my life. Maybe I have too much going on in the attic and I needed to get stuck in my expectations (traffic) and be forced to sit there, clear the fog and find my way.

Whatever the reason there was only one choice – succumb! And succumb I did. I sat there metaphorically speaking on the highway of frustration and I did what calms me in moments like this. I put pen to paper. It clears the confusion. I just w-r-i-t-e.

As I let the pen flow, the fog began to break, my mood began to lift and a song serenaded my mental radio. I smiled, tuned in – and took it in . . .

Bad Day – Daniel Powter


Like an emotional bubble bath, I slipped into the comfort of the song, emerged fresh then cuddled up in the comfort of clarity. As I lay there preparing to thank God for this moment of solace, my internal radio took over once again.

I couldn’t have said it better . . .

I Made It Through Today – Keith Urban

Enjoy driving down the Highway of Your Life. Accept that you will encounter traffic jams. Know, they are for a reason.

Find Your Way Out Of The Fog . . .


Down the drain pipe, cross the yard and through the fence.
I risked a whoopin’ every time I went.
‘Cause white boys weren’t allowed on the colored side of town.
But I was proud to call that old black man my friend.

Would you let society tell you who to befriend?

Ghost in This Guitar ~ Keith Urban ~ The Ranch